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I've begun to notice some reoccurring problems in our raid reguarding small mechanical errors that, at our level, should not be happening as often as they do and due to the number of times these errors happen, it's causing a lot of wipes.

So here's a list so the small mechanical things to keep in mind!

I am by no means singling people out nor am I saying everyone has to shape up, Everyone is human and even I make errors from time to time. My point is that the SAME errors are happening far more often than they should and are a major factor in our wipes, to the point that I feel they need to be addressed.

  2. If you get targeted with any AIDS-like ability (anyone hit by telegraph gets a telegraph/debuff) STAND STILL. Likewise, if someone next to you has the AIDS, MOVE AWAY BEFORE you get AIDS and stand still if you get hit.
  3. If something has a Cleave, STAND BEHIND OR TO THE SIDE of the enemy. Contrary to belief, a cleave actually does more damage than a normal attack (because carbine logic). If the cleave is in more than one direction (a.k.a. Mordecai Redmoon who's basic attack is a line in front and behind him) STAND OUTSIDE THE TELEGRAPH.
  4. If the call is "Stack on his ass" that means your character should be close enough to TOUCH HIM IN GAME (while being mindful of any cleaves of course).
  5. Your Common Sense/Instinct is your FRIEND! Everyone should know every fights in GA by now (if you don't let us know and we will gladly point you in the right direction!) This means that you should be reacting faster to abilities and correcting any errors you have made or are making right away.
  6. Sometimes bad calls are made. Leading is stressful work and I know I get flustered sometimes making calls. But, even if we make a bad call, it's better for everyone to follow through with it than to not follow though and pay for it later.
  7. Know what your Purges are (enemy buff removal). If we say Purge, we expect everyone to cast his/her purge ability immediately! This is important because some spells (like Spider heal) will cause fights to be drawn out longer than needed creating more potential for deaths and possibly causing wipes. Best Purges: Arcane Shot (Spellslinger), Dematerialize (Medics).

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