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Warrior Tank Builds


Sets: 6/6 Alleviation and Either 2/6 Defiance (Armor) or 2/6 Elusion (Health)

Fusions: Venom (Weapon), Mountain (Chest), Enrage (Hands)

High Threat:

This build is designed to generate as much threat as possible. It is impossible for any non-tank to pull threat off you while using this build. This should be your go-to if you are undergeared and having threat issues (I’ve heald threat vs i116+ DPS with this build.). Last 4 AMP points should go towards Speed Burst (Tier 2 Utility).


If maintaining threat is not an issue or only a minor issue, this is a good standard build that focuses on survivability. Excluding the taunts and Grapple, every ability is designed to heal you or recover shields or provide a damage reduction. Feel free to place your remaining 2 AMP points where you feel they are best suited (I have preference towards lifesteal but it's your choice). Situational LAS should be built off this build. If CC break is needed, remove Shield Break and place points into Plasma Wall and Defence Grid. If Tier 4 Interrupt is needed, Replace Grapple with Kick, remove points from Shield Break and put into Kick (up to Tier 4). If Both are needed, place remaining points into either Plasma Wall (personal survival) or Defence Grid (Raid Survival).

Power Link (Off-Tank):

If you are set as off-tank, this is a good build to run to allow your other DPS Warriors to output more damage. NOTE! This should only be used if a second tank is needed! If only one tank is needed, the off-tank should always switch to DPS. Remaining 4 AMP points should go into Full Force (Tier 2 Support) or Impenetrable (Tier 2 Hybrid S/U) based on how well you can maintain threat when asked to tank.

Defensive Cooldowns:

Warrior Defense cooldowns are:

  • Innate (Stance: Juggernaut)
  • Defense Grid
  • Plasma Wall
  • Gadget (Armor/Deflect buff or Large Absorb/Heal/Heal over Time)

Defensive cooldowns should ONLY be used when one or more of these situations applies:
  1. You are at or below 50% health (Use only one, if you fall below 30%, use all)
  2. You are faced with a near instant-kill attack ex: taking Hammer Demolish BY YOURSELF or taking a Demolish and Sword Waves (Use as many as you think you need to survive)
  3. You have no healer ex: Solo tanking Frog till he is stuck in the wall (Use in SEQUENCE to maximize defense buffs)
  4. Defence Grid ONLY: Your raid is going to take heavy damage ex: Hammer Mid Phase (Should cover as many people as you can).
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