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The Defiler has Been Cleansed! The Monstrous Experiment Slain!

Swiftfox / Jan 06, 2016 / Raids
January 6th in the 2016th year of the Celestial Gods.

Our Benevolent king tasked us with the cleansing of the labs know as the Genetic Archives, tainted by the power of the dark god, the Entity. Upon entering, we were greeted by the corrupt breeder, Dreadphage Ohmna. She taunted our divine knights, welcoming us into her lair with open arms and exclaiming that soon we would join her evil brood. But her taunts were fruitless against the might of we good knights! With weapons drawn and steel resolve, we dove into the fray, dispatching Ohmna's brood with ease as we cleaved a path to her first "Experiment"

"The others call him a failure, but I disagree." Ohmna gloated to our knights.
"Then we shall show you just how right the others are!" Our commander shouted back raising his heavy gun high and rallying the knights as he led them into battle against the monstrous Experiment X-89.

The Fight was long and arduous for our soldiers, with some souls perishing in the depths below. X-89 attacked us with everything he had, releasing a tremendous roar that knocked away our knights, regurgitating a vile corruption, and worst of all, releasing a never ending stream of bombs that continuously reduced the arena we fought upon. Finally, after a heated battle with the creature, our knights prevailed! As a reward for ending the monstrosity's life, our gracious Drusera bestowed a gift to the survivors. Possibly the first of many?

After rebuilding and reforming our ranks, we proceeded through the labs until we came upon a strange humanoid waiting in what was believed to be the core of these labs. Ohmna, again tried to taunt our knights, but this time, there was a touch of anger behind her voice. Destroying her precious experiment must have come as quite a shock.

"New subjects! You too will be added to the archives!" the Defiler spat at us.

Our prescience did not go unnoticed. Shortly after we engaged the Defiler, the room's defense system triggered and the pillars exploded as lasers sprung out from the them. Before we knew it, she vanished from our sight under the guise of a blinding fog. Slowly the room began to fill with a deadly gas while the coward hid on the outskirts of the room taunting us to come and find her. Unprepared, we were forced to retreat from her and prepare a strategy.

Having seen what this witch of corruption could do, we entered her domain again, ready for the tricks she thought would confuse we good knights. Within seconds, the witch had thrown away her deceitful tricks and showed us the power the Entity had given her. She quickly sought to trap our knights in corrupted cocoons in an attempt to taint us. Thankfully, our comrades held strong and were able to free the trapped from their dark prison. Having failed to corrupt our divine souls, Kuralak played her final card and attempted to destroy the entire lab, taking us with it! By the grace of the gods, she was unsuccessful in her attempt and was quickly slain as a wave of clean air filled the halls of the labs.

With her first line of defense eradicated, Ohmna had no choice but to open the doors to the next level of her twisted lair. With raised morale and the power of Drusera on our backs, we proceeded onward to face the terrors that guarded the Dreadphage.

TL;DR Our Raid exceeded expectations and we were able to one-shot X-89 AND get eldan gauntlet imbuements! In addition, we killed Kuralak only wiping once! Congrats to all the Knights who participated and we hope to see you Monday for the rest of GA!


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