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The Aerial Beast has been Grounded! The Demented Machines Scraped!

Swiftfox / Jan 29, 2016 / Raids
January 11th in the 2016th year of the Celestial Gods.

Having previously dispatched the Defiler and Ohmna's monstrous Experiment, we proceeded to make our way deeper into the strain infested archives. Coming into the enormous Phage Labs, we were greeted by hordes upon hordes of Ohmna's defiled minions. These creatures proved themselves stronger and faster than those that came before, but they stood no match against our brave knights! Dispatching the hordes with ease we made our way to the guardian of the monster called Phage Maw. Trickery and cunning were the weapons of this guardian, but we knights refused to be confounded by his tricks, dismantling the so called guardian and opening the doorway towards Phage Maw.

Along the way Ohmna taunted us with rooms sporting various challenge rooms that blocked our path. Thinking us defeated, we merely laughed at her as we outsmarted her so called "challenge" dispatching her forward guard and proceeding into the chamber of Phage Maw.

High above hovered the monstrous beast, looming over us as if threatening to crash onto us at any moment. Three powerful generators waited silently as we tossed scattered power cores to charge up the generators and bring Phage Maw down to fight on our terms. Once the generators had all reached full power, they granted us the gift of a powerful shield, one able to withstand the force of the beast crashing to the earth. And crash he did. Landing with incredible force, Phage Maw had apparently knocked himself unconscious! What fates that smiled upon us! Diving into the fray, we sought to fell the beast in one great move. But alas, our fortune was short lived as soon Phage Maw snapped to his senses and stood up, pointing his colossal weaponry towards our knights. While our strongest and sturdiest knight held his attention, the remainder of the group continued the assault on the beast. Angered by the two pronged assault, Phage Maw rained a barrage of explosives down upon our knights, trying to blow them up along with the rest of the facility! Bravely our knights fought, holding tight to each other as we stuck the beast, blow after blow, trying to down him before he could fell us.

Just as things began to look grim and the first explosive was about to detonate, Phage Maw suddenly collapsed! Finally defeated by the endless onslaught of blows! With the beast defeated, the explosives disarmed, no longer able to draw power from their corrupted master. A roar of celebration filled the room as we all basked in our victory!



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